Addition Pancakes

Addition Pancakes

I love finding ways to repurpose what would otherwise be trash. This past weekend, our little family of five had a fun night out at the bowling alley. We ordered some pizza and everyone got whupped by their mama in bowling (I’m pretty sure that is the first time that I have ever beaten anyone bowling…and will probably be the last). :)  When they gave us the pizza, it came with this cute little disposable spatula. I knew we could use it for something, so I wiped it off and stuck it in the diaper bag. Then earlier today, I remembered Playdough to Plato’s Sight Word Pancakes post and thought we would put a mathematics spin on such a fun idea!

Kiddos will enjoy a little pretend play with these addition pancakes. It is self-correcting, so it is perfect for independent learning or even a center activity in a classroom.

Here’s what you’ll need:  Some thin cardboard, a spatula, a permanent marker, and a cup (or something else to trace a circle).







1. Cut out your circles and write your equations on one side.




2. On the other side, write the sum.



3. Let your little one get to flipping! Have him/her mentally add the numbers together and then flip the “pancake” to see if he/she was right.




Big Brother imitated his Daddy flipping pancakes…he got pretty excited. :)




I am loving his new toothless smile!




If you want to use this as a center activity in a classroom, it can easily be stored in a gallon-sized baggie!



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