Advent Gift Idea

Last year we made Advent Boxes for our family and friends with children. I loved giving a gift that emphasized the real reason we celebrate Christmas and I’ve had a hard time figuring out something equally as meaningful this year.

Until I saw the Truth in the Tinsel eBook, that is.

I shared about the Truth in the Tinsel eBook last Friday, but I wanted to share with you how we are using it as our Christmas gifts (a little early) this year. I purchased several copies of this eBook (since it is for individual use only) and sent them off to Kinkos FedEx Office to be printed and put into a binder (with color on only the first page). I used a coupon code to receive 20% off my entire order at FedEx Office, making each printed binder around $7 each. This was wonderful…I uploaded the file online and then picked them up, assembled and ready, just 3 hours later! You could also do this same thing at home…it would just take a little more effort. :)

Next, I gathered just a few of the supplies needed and put them into a bag to give along with the binder. I made a list of the materials and put inside as well (along with the days they were to be used). I couldn’t get everything on the materials list, but I thought having at least a few of the supplies would be helpful.

We loaded the binders and the bags of supplies into individual gift bags and gave them to family and a few friends. We hope this will be a gift that each family can enjoy to create lasting memories that emphasize the true reason for the season!

Go here to read more about my thoughts on Truth in the Tinsel:  An Advent Experience for Little Hands!


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  1. I was one of the wonderful recipients of my sister’s binders. My kids were super excited to get started today. Thankfully I have all this extra craft stuff at my house because the triplets all wanted to make their first ornament. Thanks Jenae….we are loving it! Love you!!!

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