Apple “A” Peel-Away Art

Have fun creating some alphabet art that is super easy and lots of fun!

Little Brother and I set sail on our maiden voyage of crafting together…it started off wonderfully and ended up with a screaming fit (it was obviously time for a nap). I’ve learned that my two children couldn’t be any more different–where as Big Brother LOVES to do crafts and projects with me, Little Brother just doesn’t. Oh well, we’ll just keep trying (not forcing) while simultaneously doing other things together (i.e. playing 3D Angry Birds–LB’s favorite).

Here’s what you’ll need:  red tempera paint (or fingerpaint), a paintbrush, a large sheet of white paper, green and brown construction paper, contact paper, a marker, and scissors.

1. Trace your letters onto contact paper. Cut out.


2. Prepare your paper–we used this fingerprint paper that I’ve had forever.


 3. Place your contact paper letters in the center of the paper.


4. Let your child begin painting over the entire surface of the paper.






5. Make sure to cover the area around the letters well. Let the paint dry.


6. Remove the contact paper. When I attempted to remove it, it just began flaking off! I’m not sure if it was the reaction of the contact paper, fingerpaint paper, and tempera paint or what…but even if yours doesn’t “flake” off, you should be able to peel it off! :)


7. Cut the paper into an apple shape and add the stem and leaf!


Little Brother was so proud of his creation after he woke up from his nap! :)

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