“April Showers” One-to-One Correspondence Activity

April Showers One-to-One Correspondence Activity


One-to-one correspondence is a very important concept for young children and is a basic foundation for all of mathematics. Simply put, one-to-one correspondence is the process of touching one object for each number that is counted aloud. Little Brother sometimes still points to a group of 5 objects and counts the same object 2 or 3 times. This isn’t uncommon for young children, but we thought we might do some “April Showers” one-to-one correspondence practice!



Here’s what you’ll need:  construction paper (I used pink, blue, and brown), scissors, clear contact paper, and painter’s tape (or masking tape).




 1. Draw an umbrella shape on a piece of construction paper and cut out.




2. Hang a piece of contact paper, sticky-side-out, on a window and secure it in place with some painter’s tape (or masking tape). You could also hang it on a wall, just make sure the tape you use won’t peel off your paint!




3. Cut out 15 small raindrops from the blue construction paper. *Caution*:  If you are doing this activity with children younger than 3, make sure it is supervised at all times due to the small raindrops.




4. Write the numbers 1-5 on the umbrella and have your child place the corresponding number of raindrops underneath each number.














 All done!





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