Autumn Tree

This activity is so simple…but it would have looked a lot better had I taken a picture of it on Friday (when we made it) rather than today since all of the leaves look shriveled and wilted. Our plans were overlooked when Prince Charming surprised us by taking the aftenoon off to spend with us! Oh well…I guess we’re going for the “dried leaf” look

Here’s what you’ll need:  leaves, a piece of cardstock paper or cardboard, glue, and a toilet paper or paper towel roll.

1. Let your little one go outside and choose his leaves.
2. Draw the background of the tree on a piece of cardstock. You could also paint it if you wanted to.

3. Let your little one add the glue…

…and then the leaves.

4. Keep gluing and adding leaves. The cut a slit on each side of the toilet paper roll and slide the cardstock into the slits.
5. I had to add a cardboard brace on the back because our leaves were too heavy.


  1. What a cute project! Our leaves are starting to fall and Emily would have so much fun picking them up and making this tree with them.

  2. I love all of your ideas! I haven't done many crafts with my kids previously, but I am trying to do more. I am just wondering where I can get crafting supplies at a reasonable price so I can start building up a supply to use? (I really have none right now!)

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