Baseball Card Sleeve Seed Planter

Watch your plants take root by making this simple seed planter using a baseball card sleeve!  

Baseball Card Sleeve Seed Planter


This activity is an oldie but a goodie!  We originally made these sleeve planters way back in 2011 when we were discussing Day 3 of Creation:  Flowers, Plants, and Seeds!  But I thought this fun activity deserved a post of its own.


Now that my boys are a bit older, we have so many baseball/basketball/football card sleeves lying all over the house.  The neat thing about this planter is that the roots are extremely visible as the seed begins to sprout.  Obviously, the seeds will outgrow this planter fast but it is a fun way to study how seeds begin to grow.


Materials for Baseball Card Sleeve Seed Planter:

Baseball Card Sleeves


-Potting Soil

Suction cups with hooks

Pipettes or Syringes


Use a spoon or small shovel to put the dirt in the small compartments.  Put the suction cup hook through the hole in the baseball card sleeve.  Hang on the window.



Cut a small piece off a plastic straw and place in the center of each baseball sleeve compartment.  Gently place a seed in each straw and remove the straw, covering each seed with dirt.


Use a syringe or medicine dropper to add a little bit of water each day, just enough to get the dirt damp.  Watch as the seed begins to sprout and roots begin to grow!


Once your plant has outgrown the seed starter, feel free to repot to a more suitable location.

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