Birth-12 Months

Baby Basics: Resources, Advice, and Activities for Babies 0-12 Months


Babies are the best…how can you help but love their chubby cheeks, chunky thighs, first giggles and steps?!?! Check out these resources for babies birth-12 months!


Please note:  These activities are simply suggestions for what the author believes is appropriate for this age. Please use your best judgement and consult your pediatrician when you have questions or concerns.




Your Baby:  Month-by-Month:

Click on each month for more information about your child’s development!


Below are some posts specifically intended for babies, ages birth-12 months:
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Why Do “Peek-a-Boo”?

Your baby will grow–in every developmental way–more in the first year than any other time in her life. Watching your baby’s progress is fascinating! Here are some things to remember regarding the development of your baby:

Gross MotorYour bundle of joy will arrive as a teeny-tiny being, fully dependent on you. Within a few months, though, she will soon be grasping things, kicking her legs, and rolling over. By her first birthday, she will most likely be mobile in one way or another–crawling, scooting, walking and maybe even running (lucky you, Mom and Dad). Encourage her movement with rolling balls and scooting toys.

Fine Motor:  Within the first four months, your baby will begin grasping for things–if you have long hair, watch out! Rattles are excellent for babies learning to use their hands. At first your baby will grasp with her whole hand. Finger foods (given close to a baby’s first birthday) are excellent for developing the pincer grasp (thumb and pointer-finger together).

Language:  Babies will typically start cooing by four or five months of age. By the time your baby’s first birthday, she will probably be saying one or two words (usually Mama and Dada), but she will understand way more than you will ever know! Read to your baby–everyday! Talk about your day. Tell her what you’re doing. Sing songs!

Cognitive Development:  One major milestone of the first year is object permanence. Object permanence is a fancy term for when your baby realizes that even when things are hidden, they are still there and still exist–like knowing that you are still there, even when you’re hiding behind your hands or a blanket when playing Peek-A-Boo.

Social/Emotional:  Your baby will arrive as a social being! She will love being held and cuddled from the first day. Around the first month or two, you can expect to see your child’s first smile–what a delight! Babies typically favor playing with people and seeing faces far more than playing with toys. She will begin to coo, smile, giggle, and “flirt” all in response to people. She will love seeing other babies, but won’t actually “play” with another baby for some time still.

Self-Help/Adaptive:  What a major change your baby makes in this development within a year’s time! From being a seemingly helpless newborn, to becoming a moving, cruising, walking, and talking pre-toddler. Your baby will learn to feed herself (finger foods) and learn to communicate her needs. As she grows, she will begin to exert her independence while at the same time get frustrated that she isn’t able to do the things she wants to.

Spiritual & Moral:  Make reading a Bible story a bedtime routine. Sing songs about Jesus and pray with her! Even babies can learn to fold their hands in prayer.

Our Favorite Products for Babies:

After three children, we’ve learned that LESS IS MORE when it comes to baby items. All those things that sound so wonderful on a registry really just become more of a pain than they are worth (wipes warmer, anyone?). However, there are some things that we have found as must-haves. Check them out below.

Britax B-Agile Travel System (read our review here)

Swaddling blanket

HALO Sleepsack Swaddle (for newborns) and the HALO sleepsack for infants

nursing cover

Udder Covers Nursing Cover


Medela Shield for Nursing:  This SAVED me, especially with my first child, as I was cracked and bleeding. Every time he nursed, I was in horrible pain. This, paired with Lanolin and Hydrogel Pads, made a HUGE difference in the pain that came with breastfeeding my second and third children.

Munchkin spoons

Munchkin Spoons:  We have tried our fair share of other spoons and these are the best for baby food!


Gerber NUK pacifiers:  All three of our kids took these pacifiers!


ERGOBaby Carrier:  Not great for newborns (in my opinion), but once they can hold their heads up, it is really nice. After 3 kids, I never seemed to find a carrier that I liked and felt comfortable using for newborns. I found it was better to just carry them myself or put them in the carseat/stroller.