Books on Fire and Firefighters

Here are some of our favorite books on fire and firefighters.

Firefighters A to Z by Chris L. Demarest

This book is one of our favorite alphabet books! Not only does it rhyme and have beautiful illustrations, it also introduces the alphabet in a fun, firefighting way! The book is organized from the time the firefighters receive the call (A is for Alarm) all the way to when they get back to the station (to catch some zzz’s). If you have a little one who LOVES firefighters…be sure to check out this wonderful book!

Firefighters by Christopher Mitten is a short nonfiction book that discusses the necessity of firefighters, the history (way back to the days of neighbors passing buckets), and the equipment firefighters use. All of the photos in this book are actual photographs, which I love. Nonfiction books are important to have in your home library in addition to stories and picture books. The majority of the reading we do as adults is nonfiction in nature, so young children also need early exposure to nonfiction literature.

Even Firefighters Hug their Moms by Christine Kole MacLean

This is an adorable story about a boy engaged in some serious pretend play. He doesn’t want to take the time to hug his mom…after all, firefighters have more important things to do! The child in this book doesn’t just pretend to be a firefighter, he is also a police officer and garbage truck driver! The illustrations are captivating and show how ordinary items (like a vacuum cleaner) can transform into something entirely different in the mind of a child!

Firehouse by Mark Teague

I love Mark Teague’s books and this new one is no exception! The story is relatively simple…two kids visit the fire station and get to see all the exciting happenings, including going along for a ride as the firefighters rescue a kitten out of the tree (do firefighters really do this…by the way?). The illustrations are what set this book apart…they are both colorful and captivating and tell the story themselves!

Do you have any favorite books about fire/firefighters that I neglected to mention???


  1. for the record, my husband is a firefighter and no… they don’t rescue kittens! the only time you will find him up a tree with a cat is if the child went up there after the cat and neither one can get down!

  2. My kiddos LOVE the book Firehouse by Mark Teague!! Another great book is The Fire Cat by Esther Holden Averill. This was one of my favorites from when I was a child.

  3. Yay, finally an ABC book that will really interest the boys! And the Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms made me saw “awww.” I will have to get that when my youngest gets into fire stuff!

  4. My big boy is now 18 but we both remember, with a great deal of affection, “Mr Little’s Noisy Fire Engine” by Richard Fowler. Lots of little flaps to help learn about the truck, and some humorous surprises too. Delightful!

  5. I don’t know about kittens up trees, but my husband is a volunteer firefighter in the CFA in Australia and did help rescue a kitten from a drain a few years ago. More recently he was called out at midnight one Saturday to help a dog who had somehow got stuck between a water tank and his owners house. It took them a while but they managed to drain the tank and wigggle it away from the house enough that the dog could slip through. :)

  6. I can’t thank you enough for these great firefighting resources! We’re headed to the library tomorrow to grab some books, and my boys will be thrilled to make the fiery “F”!

    Your blog is a treasure trove of information – as a 2nd year homeschooling parent, resources like your blog are an amazing gift! Thank you for your generosity. :)

  7. I released a firefighter book about a female firefighter for preschool ages in May. Firefighter Mary is on Amazon! Check it out or ask for it at your local library!

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