Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Stuff

Brilliant Ways to Organize Kids Stuff

I don’t know about you, but this time of year leaves me feeling a bit frazzled. After taking down Christmas decorations and trying to find places for all our new {awesome} gifts, I feel like everything is in disarray. The first step is getting all the unnecessary stuff out of my house.  I’ve outlined how we clear out the clutter here. I can normally get my stuff together and organized and it lasts for a while, leaving me feeling quite accomplished and enjoying slightly lower blood pressure in no time. The kids’ stuff is a different story. It seems as though it breeds overnight and, just when I think I have it all organized, I find a hidden trove of toys/clothes/”treasures” that we can’t part with. In an effort to make myself feel more organized, I’ve scoured the web to find brilliant ways to organize your kids’ stuff. Maybe, just maybe, I will muster up enough grit to roll up my sleeves and implement some of these suggestions in my own house. :)  

Organizing Kids’ Bedrooms

Organize bedrooms

Display medals with this DIY Medal Holder ::  Shaped By Grace


Organize your daughter’s accessories with a silverware tray :: Tatertots and Jello


Mount spice racks onto the side of furniture to hold books  ::  Hellobee


Organize bows and headbands


Bedroom Organization Books Shoes Closet Stuffed Animals


 Keep shoes tidy with this awesome shoe wheel ::  Rakku


Display your child’s stuffed animals and/or dolls with this cute idea ::  Bees Knees Bungalow


 Plan out your child’s clothing for the week with hanging shelves in the closet


Use an old wagon to store your child’s books for easy access  ::  Finnian’s Moons Interiors


Organizing the Kid’s Bathroom

Organize the bathroom for kids

Organize Toothbrushes and Toothpaste  ::  Musings from a Stay At Home Mom


Use a tension rod and baskets to organize bath toys :: Heather Drive Blog


Keep Bath Products out of Reach ::  Camping World


Use this bath basket to organize toys and make them easily accessible to your kiddo :: Kid Co


Organizing Shared Areas

Organizing shared areas

Use tote bags hung on doors to store toys :: 6th Street Design School


Use a shoe organizer to store craft supplies in your pantry or closet.


 Use pictures on baskets to help non-readers organize toys :: 6th Street Design School


 Hang a curtain rod and attach buckets to hold toys ::  101 Woonideeen


Organizing On the Go

Organizing Kids Stuff on the Go

Organize your diaper bag by using clear vinyl bags ::  Kid to Kid


Make a mini first aid kit using old prescription bottles ::  Chasing Green


Take a picture of the contents of your child’s sport bag so they won’t forget anything ::  The Happy Family Movement


Check out these Car Hacks to help you organize your car ::  Kids Activities Blog


What is your favorite tip or trick for organizing your kids’ stuff???

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  1. has anyone purchased the shoe wheel? Wondering if it’s as easy to use as it looks. Our typical shoe rack the shoes always fall and looks a mess.

  2. Hi,
    I love some of your storage ideas. My biggest headache when it comes to storage is my son’s trucks. I’m not talking small, Matchbox cars here. He easily has a dozen big garbage trucks (his obsession). Shelves are hard because usually only will fit per shelf. Is there a creative way to store trucks vertically, or am I destined to have a parking lot in part of his room or the living room?
    Thanks for reading!

    1. Hang them from the front wheel axles on the wall. If he loves them to play with, he’ll love them decorating his room too. We live in a very small space so anything off the floor or other horizontal spaces in a real win!! Good luck.

    2. I use a cheap shoe rack with horizontal rails, works well for the bigger trucks not so much for the smaller trucks though as they fall through

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