Britax B-Safe Infant Carseat Review

Disclosure:  Britax sent me us this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.


Britax B-Safe Infant Carseat

Prince Charming and I are in agreement when it comes to making large purchases:  Buy something that is high-quality (and perhaps more expensive on the front end) and it will typically hold up longer and get more use than buying the cheapest version available. This has applied to the majority of our purchases in our 10 years of marriage, but especially when it came to baby items. When Big Brother was born, we researched and bought items with the intention of using them for two, three, or four children (this was back before I knew how much work one child was).  :)  We purchased a Chicco Keyfit Carseat 6+ years ago because it was the highest ranked infant carseat according to Consumer Reports at the time.

We used this carseat for both Big Brother and Little Brother until they outgrew it. I intended on using it for our baby girl as well, but while I was pregnant I learned that carseats have expiration dates! I had no clue about this and thought at first that it was just some marketing scheme to get to buy another carseat, but it turns out there is a legitimate reason for expiration dates on child carseats.

Although I was happy with our Chicco Keyfit carseat, when it came time to purchase a new one, I knew I wanted to buy a Britax carseat. We have both Britax convertible carseats and booster seats and have been extremely happy with the overall quality. In fact, I could go as far as to say that Britax carseats might have saved our kids from serious injury in a car accident three years with a semi truck. So we settled on the B-Safe infant carseat and Britax was kind enough to provide a carseat for us to review.


Baby Sister is nearly six weeks old and we have gotten out of the house several times in the last few weeks. We purchased the B-Agile stroller so that we can use the carseat in the stroller until she is a bit older. Britax certainly does not disappoint with this carseat and stroller combo.

Here are some things that I love about this carseat:

  • It is highest rated for safety, which is the most important thing in my book.
  • It has a large shade and the baby can be completely covered when in the stroller using the stroller shade as well.
  • It clicks easily into the base and stroller.
  • The padding is relatively soft while still being wipeable.
  • Holds babies up to 30 pounds…which is great for parents who have chunky monkey babies.
  • It is considerably less expensive than the Chicco Keyfit 30.


Overall, we are very happy with our Britax B-Safe Infant Carseat! I also love how light and maneuverable the B-Ready stroller is. This is definitely a great combo with the highest safety features you can find!


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  1. We are Britax family. Both of our toddler boys have been in Britax car seats since they were 1 year olds. They are durable and easy to install. I feel much safer with this line more so than any of the other brands in stores now.

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