Build A Monster!

Go Away, Big Green Monster has been one of our favorite books to read lately! This is a wonderful book for young children because it is repetitive and has a predictable pattern (as is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?). After hearing it 2-3 times, young children can then “read” it to themselves, (which, of course, they aren’t actually reading but applying the repetitive pattern) making them feel successful!

I thought it would be fun to create a way for the boys to “build” the monster while reading (or even reenact the book later). So I dug out some old felt and got to cutting!

I used the book as a guide and drew the outline on the felt.


I didn’t have any purple felt, so I just used a marker to color purple on the gray. I wouldn’t recommend this, though, as it tends to get on your hands even after you think it is “dry”.


All the pieces ready to be assembled…




Store in a gallon-size baggie and take along to church, doctor’s offices, etc…with or without the book!


This was super easy! And I know the boy’s are going to love it!


  1. Great idea! I recently discovered this book, too, and have been using it to teach body parts and simple adjectives to my 1st grade beginner EAL students. They love it too! Our version comes with its own monster puppet with detachable parts that stick on with velcro. They love acting out the story with the puppet!

  2. I did the same thing last year with construction paper to see if they could put the pieces in the correct place. They did pretty good. Planning on doing it again this year. We love this book too! I might have to get some felt and try it!

  3. I got this book from the library after your recommendation, and my son and I have read it tons of times! He loves it. I made this felt game too, and we LOVE it. Thanks so much for your great ideas all the time! You are wonderful. : )

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