Butterfly Art with Watercolors and Hot Glue

Butterfly Art with Watercolors and Hot Glue



We have been all about butterflies at our house the last few weeks. We ordered some new caterpillars to watch and eventually moved them into our Insect Lore Butterfly Garden once they became chrysalises. Little Sister has LOVED watching this metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly…and if I’m honest, I think I love it every bit as much as she does.


I was so excited with how this Butterfly Art made with watercolors and hot glue turned out. It turned out so pretty!!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Pre-gessoed Canvas

Low-temperature Glue Gun

Black Hot Glue

-Watercolors (Pelikan is my favorite brand but Prang is good too)


Materials for Butterfly Watercolor Art




Butterfly Watercolor Art

1. Draw a butterfly pattern using a pencil onto the pre-gessoed canvas. Then trace over the pencil with the hot glue gun (and black hot glue).



Butterfly Watercolor Art

2. Let your little one start painting using watercolors! If your kids are slightly older, talk about symmetry and how a butterflies wings are like a mirror image of each other. Little Sister wasn’t quite ready for that lesson so I just let her paint it however she wanted.


Butterfly Watercolor Art

3. Let dry and then display!!!



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