Chicken Beak Counting and Guessing Game

This “game” incorporates both fine motor and cognitive development and emphasizes number recognition, counting, one-to-one correspondence, and hypothesizing. Talk about packing a punch!

We pretended that the tweezer was a chicken beak and Big Brother practiced putting the corresponding number of popcorn kernels into the egg carton (which I made several months back). We then transferred the kernels into plastic eggs and listened to the sound of the kernels, guessing how many he thought was inside.

Here’s what you’ll need:  interactive counter, a bag of un-popped popcorn, tweezers, and 6 plastic Easter eggs.

1. Dump out a small amount of popcorn kernels into a flat dish.

2. Let your child use the tweezers to pick up the kernels (Big Brother actually did much better with this than I expected).

3. Place the corresponding number of popcorn kernels into the interactive counter.

4. Then have your child place the popcorn kernels in each individual egg carton cup into a plastic egg.

5. Pick up each egg and shake and hypothesize how many popcorn kernels are inside.

6. Open the egg and check to see if you’re right!

And did I mention Big Brother played with this for over 30 minutes all by himself??? He loved doing it over and over again!


  1. Wow! So great for fine motor skills too, and your guy probably loved the challange. Fun idea!

  2. I love this. I did this with letters in my son's name last year to help with name spelling. He loved it so im excited to try this! I see how to 'like' the blog but How do I share and link this craft with my friends on Facebook via my wall?

  3. Still think it's excellent idea! ;)

    Featuring it in this week's High paw since I've decided to go with Easter theme! :) Hope to see you stop by this week! Starting Monday we're celebrating Beary Birthday party with loads of giveaways and free stuff! :)

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