Christmas Box Counting & Number Matching

This “game” is wonderful on so many levels…cognitive development, number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and fine motor development (opening and closing the boxes)! This is one activity that works on many different skills…all while your child is having a GREAT time. :)

And though it is Christmas-themed, it really could be used any time of year (and perhaps to correspond to each theme).

Here’s what you’ll need:  5 small boxes, small “Christmasy” items, and a marker.

1. Using a marker, write numerals 1-5 on the inside of the box tops. Put the corresponding number of items into each box.

2. Let your little one open each box, count the items, and then draw their attention to the numeral on the inside of the box top.

3. Next, take the lids off. Shuffle both the boxes holding the items and the lids. Let your little one choose a box, count the number of items in the box and then select the correct lid to place on top!

Have fun!

*This activity was shared on ABC & 123 Show-and-Tell.


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