Christmas Letter Banner with Catalog Pictures

I went to get the mail yesterday, only to find FIVE catalogs stuffed in our small mailbox. Five…in one day! We’ve been getting an onslaught of toy and home decor catalogs lately (even though I have attempted to remove us from the mailing lists of many of these catalogs) and I always feel guilty about throwing them away. I decided to put those catalogs to good use and make a Christmas Banner with Big Brother by cutting out all of the items related to the holiday that start with each letter of the word “CHRISTMAS”.

Not only is this a great activity for scissor skills, it is also excellent for teaching/reinforcing beginning letter sounds!

This was a treat for multiple reasons (1) He got to skip his “quiet time” to make the banner with Mommy, (2) He got to cut and glue, things he enjoys doing and (3) He got to look through all of the catalogs. We don’t often let our kids meander through the pages of a catalog (or watch television programming with commercials) for the same reason that I removed myself from the Pottery Barn catalog a few years ago–it causes us (and them) to want more and more stuff. Contentedness is a difficult thing to teach in a world of consumerism.

Anyway, back to the banner…

Here’s what you’ll need:  Catalogs, scissors, construction paper, a marker (I used a white paint marker we received compliments of Elmer’s Craft It!) glue, and tape.

  1. Fold 3 pieces of red and 2 pieces of green construction paper in half and cut.


2. Use a marker to write the letters spelling “CHRISTMAS” on each piece of paper.




3. Gather your magazines and catalogs!


4. Encourage your child to begin cutting out objects that begin with every letter of the word “CHRISTMAS”. This is a great opportunity to practice letter sound/symbol correspondence.


 5. Glue each picture on the appropriate letter page.


 S= Snowman, Stars, Snowflakes, Santa, and Stocking!


6. Hang your banner. I just taped each individual piece above our kitchen window.






 R= Reindeer & Rice Krispies!


Even though it’s slightly tacky, the banner looks pretty festive in our kitchen!


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