Christmas Sticker Creation Station

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Sometimes the simplest activity is the one that is the most loved. That was definitely the case with this Christmas sticker creation station. My 8-year-old giggled when I called it that, so even though I thought really hard to come up with a different name to give you, her vote wins. I think your kids will love this simple, open-ended idea just as much as my daughter. Plus, it’s super easy to replenish or change up throughout the month when you need a little bit of quiet time in the house.


Materials needed for the Christmas Sticker Creation Station:

Divided tray

Various Christmas-themed stickers


I get my divided trays at the dollar store in the plastic serving dishes section. Throughout the year they have lots of different colors, so I get one or two every time I go in. They also have acrylic trays, but those break easily in storage, so I prefer to get the slightly bendable plastic ones.


The stickers that I included in our tray are just random stickers from our Christmas craft supplies. You don’t need to use these exact ones, anything you have on hand will work just fine.


I’m a big fan of process art, which is a fancy way of saying that you’re not giving the kids directions on what to do with the supplies.


In fact, my entire goal with this activity was to get a few minutes of quiet time so I could actually get some work done, so I simply handed the tray to my daughter and she immediately set to work.


I LOVE how easily a child’s mind can turn to creativity when given regular opportunities. It literally took her 2 seconds to decide she was going to create our family, home and truck, gingerbread-ized. (Ok, I know that’s not a word, but it sounds fun.)


She added a piece of brown foam and a Sharpie to create a fun piece of ‘art’ with the Christmas stickers.




She even concocted a story to go along with the gingerbread scene. As you can see, there is dad, mom and 4 kids. Because there wasn’t enough room to put all the gingerbread people standing up, she decided that this is a historical picture of when the kids were smaller, so mom & dad are holding the two smallest ‘kids’. (And apparently she has big dreams for Christmas presents because they are totally filling up our truck!)


What will you create with your Christmas Sticker Creation Station?




kimKim is a work at home mom of four awesome daughters {12, 10, 7 year olds and a special needs 4 year old}. She is wrapping up her 7th year of homeschooling and, before recently returning to the States, lived overseas for 9 years. Kim shares free printables and educational activities over at Life Over C’s

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