Color Wheel on the Go

This color wheel on-the-go activity is perfect for helping toddlers and preschoolers identify colors while out-and-about!  A great way to incorporate fun and learning!


Today’s theme for our Toddler Time challenge is Colors. Little Sister and I couldn’t pass up a zoo trip on a beautiful day like today, so I knew I wanted our activity to be something we could do on-the-go. This activity was inspired by the “Letters on the Go” activity from No Time for Flashcards.


As I’ve matured in my journey as a parent, I’ve realized the best “teachable moments” occur in the most natural setting. Talking about numbers when counting acorns, talking about colors when looking at flowers, and talking about letters when seeing signs at the grocery store. This activity stays true to that method of teaching while adding a little prop to make color matching easier (and it doubles as a fun game- bonus). :)


Color Wheel on the Go

1. Making this color wheel was super simple…I just free-handed an 8-piece pie chart on the back of a paper plate and then hurriedly colored in each piece with markers. All-in-all it took about 4 minutes total. If you have extra time, you could even letter your little one help color!


Color Wheel on the Go

2. Cut 3 small 1-inch slits per color.


Color Wheel on the Go



Color Wheel on the Go

3. Give your kiddo the color wheel and he/she can bend a slit over when they find an object that matches one of the colors on the color wheel.


Color Wheel on the Go

Little Sister decided this female lion at the zoo was yellow. :)


Color Wheel on the Go

…these umbrellas are blue.


Color Wheel on the Go

…And these chimpanzees are black. :)



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  1. I love this activity! It’s so important to find those teachable moments throughout the day, and I love how you reinforced colors with a fun little game! I might want to keep one of these in my bag, so when we’re out I could easily pull out the game whenever I wanted. When my little one is old enough I would love to make one of these for counting, too – if we count three ducks then we can turn down the number 3. Thanks for this great idea!!

  2. this is a really cool idea! my little one is 4 and i am sure she will love making this and playing the game.

    it reminds me a bit of the wheel of fortune!

    i love that show.

    lovely blog btw

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