Counting Kisses Game

I know this is a silly thing to post, but it is a fun and sweet game that Big Brother and I made up before he goes to bed at night. But it also goes to show how learning takes place in every aspect of your day, even when showering your children with affection!

Here’s how the game works:  
Have your child shout out a number.
Give him that many kisses on his cheek and pause briefly between each kiss so that he can count.
Turn it around and give him kisses and have him tell you how many kisses you just gave!

After that, we played the “I love you more than…” game. It melts my heart. :)

What fun “good night” games do you like to play with your child(ren)?


  1. What a sweet idea! Recently my daughter and I (she just turned 5) have started reviewing the main things we've done that day and she chooses which moment of the day was her favorite. She calls it a game. For me it's just a fun, sweet time to review the day together and find out what's important to her (she almost always chooses something we've done together, since her baby sister often takes my time away from her these days, so time with Mommy is special for her).

  2. Adorable ! My boys and I do “dreams and wishes” before bedtime. We each say one thing that we want to dream about that night as we sleep (this helps them think happy thoughts before bed, resulting in less scary dreams), we also each make one wish (anything from “I wish we could live at the beach”, to “I wish there were no bad people in the world”).

    My boys really enjoy this part of our bedtime routine.

    I’m sure you’re boys will have wonderful memories of bedtime in your home…and playing the “counting kisses” game with their mom.

  3. What lucky little boys to have you for a Mom and how lucky are your readers that you are sharing such wisdom. I have two grown sons, two granddaughters and a grandson on the way. I value your advice and appreciate your sharing your knowledge in order that we might pass it along to these grandchildren. God Bless You and enjoy those boys-they grow up soooo fast!

  4. About the kissing game, I play something similar with my girl, which is Rock-paper-scissors. When I win, I kiss her cheek once. When she win, she kiss mine in vice-versa. How about a draw? We give a lip kiss together. She feel very funny and interesting about this game, while I feel I win all the time.

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