DIY Bathtub Shapes


I’ve been trying to think of various ways to teach the names of shapes to Little Brother. As I mentioned in this post, he is not a big fan of structured learning activities like his brother is. He loves bathtime, though, and I knew this would be a great way to sneak in a little learning!

Little did I know how easy it would be to make our own bathtub shapes! I already had the foam that I used for another project, so this simple project didn’t cost a dime. I opted to make a large and a small of each shape so that we could practice “bigger” and “smaller” as well.

Here’s what you’ll need:  foam sheets in various colors, a ruler, and scissors.


Use a ruler to trace some shapes onto your foam sheets. The larger shapes were around 4 inches and the smaller were about 2 inches.




Less than five minutes later and they’re done!


Just add water and a few sweaty kids. The foam sticks on the bathtub wall when it is wet!






If you’re wondering why their cheeks are so red…they were just outside playing prior to bathtime. In the 93 degree heat. Ninety-three degrees. In April. Yuck.



  1. I made some of these several months ago and my little man loves them. I also made a dump truck that he puts together like a puzzle.

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