Dr. Seuss’ ABC Book: Writing Letters in Shaving Cream

Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book! is one of my absolute favorite alphabet books. Although some may be bothered that he refers to them “big” and “little” letters instead of “capital” and “lowercase”, I think it is a perfect way to introduce very young children to the concept in a very literal way.

Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!

This book also happens to be one of Big Brother’s favorites. We read it today and then had fun trying to write the letters from the book in shaving cream. This is an activity I did in my classroom a couple times and the kids went bananas! I got out the dry erase board and showed Big Brother how to write the letters while he attempted to create the letter in the shaving cream.



This was a fun, easy and a little bit messy activity that combined lots of Big Brother’s favorites–Dr. Seuss, letters, and books!


  1. Love this! I've been on the search for inexpensive shaving cream where we live (Europe) and it's impossible to find! I may have to 'splurge' on some anyway! :)

  2. I did this all the time in my first/second grade class for spelling word practice – the kids loved it! Even better was that after rubbing to "erase" it would eventually disappear and then whatever was left we would actually use to "clean" the desks (and it would make our room smell nice too!"

    I thought also about using vanilla pudding too to do this (and for finger painting – just color it different colors) and then if they lick their fingers no big deal!

  3. I introduced the concept of “capital and lower case” letters to a five year old a few weeks ago using “Mommy and Baby” letters when I noticed how much he responded to baby animals. Since then, he has been much more interested in learning which letters correspond to each other. Gotta meet them where they are!

  4. we just did this. baby girl wasn”t as interested in the letters as the opportunity to get messy. super easy!thanks for this awesome boredom buster!

  5. As a preschool teacher for over 30 years I can certainly appreciate your ideas. Love the “I Can Read with My Eyes Shut” ideas – what child wouldn’t want to experience Dr. Seuss through those pipe-cleaner glasses? Thank you for sharing. Although I’m now retired, I fix up “learning kits” for my former co-workers and pass them on. These ideas are delightful!

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