Favorite New "Toy"

My floors often drive me crazy! We have all hard floors on the main floor and a sweet golden retriever (who sheds like crazy)…thus making the dog hair a constant problem! So when I saw that the Eureka Quick-Up® Cordless Vacuum was the daily deal on Target last week for $29.99…I snatched one up.

Eureka Quick-Up® Cordless Vacuum - 96F

Little did I know, this would soon become Big Brother’s new favorite “toy.” He has always been fascinated with vacuums and I occasionally let him use our old stick vacuum (which is on the outs), but the cord always becomes a problem. This battery-operated vacuum just charges and then is ready to go…making it the perfect “toy” for a helpful little 3-year old.

I think my floors are going to be cleaner than they’ve ever been! And I’ll keep the news that it’s not actually a toy to myself! :)

And you gotta love the Buzz Lightyear pj’s…

What ways does your child enjoy “helping” around the house???


  1. I have always let my children (6, 4, and 2) use our swiffer sweeper vac…anytime they want to. They will get under the couches and everything with that thing. And my oldest two can use the shark steam mop very well. Again, whenever they want to mop the kitchen floor I'm all for it. I also give them cleaning cloths (old rags) that have soaked in soap water and have been squeezed out really well so they are not drippy. Then I let them wipe baseboards, door frames, blinds, doorknobs, etc. They LOVE it.

  2. My two year old is also a little helper! She uses a spray bottle of just water and her own rag when I use cleaner (usually just vinegar and water). She helps unload the dishwasher. I've arranged the kitchen so that all the non-breakables are on her level. She knows exactly where everything goes. She has a child sized broom and dust pan that she regularly uses. It surprises me how much dirt she can gather while "playing"! I'm not complaining though! I'm hoping her helpful spirit will continue when our new baby comes…"go get baby a diaper please!"

  3. My son loves to help put away laundry. His favorite thing is towels. I actually have to fold those last or else he will interrupt to put away each towel as I fold it!
    He also enjoys unloading the dishwasher (he's 22mo so he just hands me things)

  4. This is so funny! My youngest (5YO) has an obsession with sweepers. We have to walk through the sweeper aisle at Walmart. Every.Single.Time. I might have to scoop one of these up so he can help. We're switching to all hard wood floors soon. And we also have a Golden who leaves traces of herself everywhere. :)

  5. My 15 month old LOVES to help vacuum the hard wood floors…I have also found that he is very enticed by the swiffer dusters…he loves the dishes of course he gets more out then he puts up…I love that he likes to help out just wish we were able to put it to good use…all in due time though.

  6. oh he also likes to help with folding socks. or puting things in the basket/washer/dryer and pushing the buttons.

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