Fizzy Reading

Fizzy Reading


This is one of those activities that the boys and I LOVED and I am SO EXCITED to share with you! It is the perfect union of reading/decoding and science. And it was definitely a huge hit at our house.


Our hands-on fizzy reading activity encourages your child to decode (or sound out) simple CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.


Here’s what you’ll need:  an alphabet mold, baking soda, vinegar, water, and a squeeze bottle.




1. Mix a baking soda and water paste so that it is thin enough to pour into the alphabet mold. Freeze for at least a few hours.



2. Take out 2 consonant letters and a vowel from the mold to make a simple CVC word. Place in a shallow dish and fill your squeeze bottle with vinegar. Add food coloring, if you choose.



3. Have your child squeeze the vinegar onto the baking soda letters and say each sound as they make the letters fizz!



 Watch the letters fizz and melt away!



 Continue decoding other CVC words, encouraging your child to say each sound as he/she fizzes the letter!







Little Brother said after we had decoded a few words that, “this was the funnest thing ever.” You can’t argue with a 5-year old!



fizzy reading square



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  1. Someone linked one of your past posts on Facebook and I followed over and am so glad I did because I love your blog! I homeschool my kids and LOVE finding activities to spark their interest. You’re so creative! Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas!

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