Floor Tape Letters

Floor Tape Letters

Both of my boys are active (to say the least), but Little Brother is definitely my kinesthetic learner. He has to be moving and touching in order to learn…and a lot of times I don’t even know if he is actually retaining anything I’m attempting to teach him until much, much later down the road. He loves moving and he loves cars, so I thought both of these tactics might help as I’m trying to reinforce letter recognition.

Here’s what you’ll need for this activity:  masking tape and small toys/cars.



 1. Use masking tape to create the letter on a hard floor.





2. Let your child experiment with it for a little while–Little Brother used it as a road and drove his cars on it.




3. Next, encourage your child to put small toys or cars along the lines of the letter.








Happy boy!







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  1. That is brilliant! We have some pretty rough looking hardwood floors, so that tape idea is perfect! Beanster only has about a million Hot Wheels and I have been looking for a new way to get him interested in letters! I may have to invest in some masking tape! Keep up the good work!

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