Free Summer Reading Printables

Summer Reading Printables


This post won’t be pretty…I’m just basically vomiting this out because I know many of you are like me and are trying to get summer plans all lined out. In all honesty, we have very few plans for summer. A trip to the mountains in July and a few weekends at the lake. A soccer camp one week and our church’s VBS…and that pretty much sums up our entire summer. There will be lots of lazy days for my kids to be bored, chores to be done, swimming and going to the park.


Rather than making plans, I’m trying to make a few daily habits. Along with our A Proverb a Day Handwriting Practice, I will also be instituting a mandatory read-to-yourself time during Little Sister’s nap for the boys and me (meaning I actually get to read a book for myself–woo-hoo!). My husband gave the boys a pretty generous monetary incentive for reading. Big Brother (8) is expected to read 30 books this summer (at least 10 chapter books over 100 pages long) and Little Brother (6) is expected to read 60 books this summer (short, easy-readers at his current reading level). Big Brother must fill out a “report” (see the printable attachment) for each book. He can either draw or write what happens in the beginning, middle, and end. Little Brother will complete one every now and then (with a lot of assistance from me).


The Summer Reading Incentive printable is pretty simple…just color in a numbered book after reading. The second page is the story map that we are using for monitoring reading comprehension. I put the incentive chart in a folder along with several story maps for each child. The story maps are small…I was trying to save on paper. :)  Again, I made these for my own kids first and foremost, so feel free to use them as you see fit!


Summer Reading Incentive


Summer Reading Story Map



We will also join our community library’s summer reading program as well…but this offers a little bit more of an incentive that has already proven effective (both boys have already started reading a ton more than usual…and we still have one more day of school left)!


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