Giant Shape Sort

A little masking tape and objects around the house can turn into a fun learning game for toddlers! This GIANT shape sort activity is perfect for teaching shape recognition…with the little cognitive development skill of sorting on the side! This is actually a repeat of an activity I did a while ago with Big Brother. Since I’ve been more intentional at working playing with Little Brother, I thought this would be a great way to work on shape recognition (especially since Little Brother has absolutely no interest of SITTING and doing anything). :)

The best thing about this activity is that it only requires masking tape (or painter’s tape) and very little prep time!


1. Use masking tape to create large shapes on your floor.



 We created a triangle, rectangle, square, and circle.



 2. Let your little one begin “hunting” for shapes around the house.



3. Sort each item according to its shape by placing it inside the giant taped shape!






Little Brother wanted to use his cars to run over the shape “roads” after we were done!


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  1. This is fantastic and seems like a great way to make the shape sorting activity more physically active! With my son, there’s only so long he’ll sit to concentrate on something, but if you let him use his body while learning, he’ll stick with it for ages!

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