Homemade Fruit Chewy Roll-Ups


I first found this recipe in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living. We were really excited to try these fruit chewy roll-ups…especially since we found a 2lb. carton of strawberries super-cheap at Sam’s!

Here’s the recipe:
2 lbs. of fruit (or 4 cups…we used strawberries only, but you could use any type of fruit)
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice

 1. Wash the fruit and remove the hull.



 2. Put all the ingredients (fruit, lemon juice, and sugar) into a blender/food processor and puree. We use the Ninja and I adore it.






It should be pretty liquified after pureeing.



 3. Pour the mixture into a pot and cook over medium heat for about 30 minutes (until thickened).

By the end of the 30 minutes, the mixture will be pretty frothy at the top.



4. Put parchment paper in the bottom of a large pan (I used a jelly-roll size), making sure there is a lip to contain the liquid. The instructions from the magazine said to use a sieve to strain the liquid, but we skipped this part as the mixture was too thick to go through my sieve.



5. Pour the mixture in the pan and bake at 180 degrees until the mixture is still slightly tacky to the touch, but you don’t get a glob on your finger when you touch it. Great directions, I know…but the original instructions said for 3 hours and ours took more like 5 hours.



All done! You might have to discard some of the edges if they have gotten too hard.



6. Cut the roll-ups into strips (I used a pizza roller).



7. Lay on top of a small piece of parchment paper…



… and roll up.


Twist the edges and they’re ready to go!


These yummy snacks took some time to make…but I’d definitely make them again as they turned out to be DELICIOUS. The irony of it all, though, is that the boys didn’t even eat them. Well, Little Brother tried and choked on one (at which it was promptly removed from his mouth). Don’t give them to your toddler…they are extremely chewy and too hard for little ones to eat. Big Brother refused to eat them for no reason whatsoever. He’ll eat the pre-packaged ones like there’s no tomorrow but won’t take a single bite out of the ones his Mama slaved to make for him. *Sigh*. But Prince Charming LOVED them and I enjoyed a few myself as well! :)




  1. Sounds yummy! :-) isn’t that the way with kids? We made our own French fries at home this weekend, and my son refused to eat them…saying that no, these were not French fries. I think I’m going to save a mc d’s fry container for next time! Lol

    1. LOL! I know there are other parents that do this just because their kids want a certain brand of fries, cereal or whatever else. I remember reading one time that a mom put brand x’s cereal into a name brand’s box and her kids ate it without complaining but they would not touch the brand x’s cereal when they knew it was brand x. We must be more clever than they are.

  2. How awesome, Jenae! And, what perfect (and ironic) timing…a friend of mine and I literally just got off the phone, discussing doing a cooking day and the subject of homemade fruit rollups came up. Then, I opened up facebook and this was the first post! :)

    Do you refrigerate them? How long do they keep??

  3. I had to laugh reading this post! I made these, except with just the fruit and some honey, and neither one of my boys will eat them! They have never had the store bought kind, so I thought they would gobble them up. My older son, who is 4.5, tends to be picky about what I make at home versus what we can buy at the store. Arggh! But, he doesn’t know what the store bought ones are like, and still would not eat the ones I slaved over at home! So, I can completely relate to this post! Better luck next time, right? At least I can still put veggies into their pancakes….. :)

  4. I have made these, but I did not do the sugar or lemon juice. It was just fruit and maybe a little honey. Put it in the food processor and then to the oven on very low for HOURS….A great treat to make in the winter when you don’t mind the heat in the house! :) Ihave also frozen the fruit after putting it in the food processor then thawed and cooked it later. Worked great!
    Thanks for all you great posted!!!

  5. I am making this right now and it smells so good. Question, when you made this was the bottom of your pan burnt from the sugar? Wondering if I did something wrong. Still can’t wait for them to get out the oven though :)

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