Hungry Hungry Hippo Pool Game

This life-sized Hungry Hungry Hippo Pool Game is perfect for groups and parties!  The game can be played with four people and is much more challenging than it looks!


One of my favorite games growing up was Hungry Hungry Hippo.  Sadly, as an adult my fondness for this game has grown weary due to the incessant noise the game creates, causing my sensitive and aged ears to groan in protest every time it is played.  But thankfully this game has received some fun modifications in recent years, including a life-size version involving scooters, one played by residents in a nursing home, and now this version that can be played in the pool!


Hungry Hungry Hippo Pool Game Materials and Directions


You will need the following:

-Plastic Ball Pit Balls

-2 plastic baskets (purchased at Dollar Tree)

-2 full-size rafts (the small kickboards shown in the picture were not adequate, full size rafts are needed)


This game is actually quite a bit more challenging than it looks.  You will need two teams of two.  Each team will choose one person to lay on the raft and the other person to “guide” the raft.  Once the game begins and the plastic balls are dumped into the pool, the person laying on the raft will  try to gather as many plastic balls into the bucket as possible while his/her partner steers from their feet!



I hope you enjoy this fun summer Hungry Hungry Hippo pool game!!!

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