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Inside Out Perler Bead Patterns

Perler Bead Ideas

The boys and I went with some friends of ours to see the movie Inside Out. I loved it. Everything about it. In fact, my friend Rachel can attest to the fact that I got a little (or a lot) choked up towards the end. Remember when Andy leaves for college in Toy Story 3 and his mom flashes back to when he was little playing with Woody and Buzz? Yeah, it was kinda like that…preciousness pulling on your sentimental mom heartstrings at its finest.

If you haven’t seen Inside Out, I would highly recommend it! My boys enjoyed the movie (who doesn’t love going to the movies?!?!), although I don’t think they really “got” some parts of it like adults, teens or even tweens would who know the parts/functions of the brain. My bloggy friend Amanda has an awesome review/discussion guide that you need to check out and I totally agree with pretty much all parts of her review of the film.

Given Little Brother’s current fascination with Perler Beads and my adoration of the movie Inside Out, I figured it would be fun to make some Inside Out Perler Bead Patterns!

This post was first published July 2015. Updated 2018.

How To Make Inside Out Perler Bead Patterns


Click here to download >>>  Perler Bead Patterns

Just a word of warning, the template isn’t fancy but it should get the job done. I basically photocopied one of our clear Perler Bead templates, created a color-coded template for each character, and then scanned all the pages.


perler bead ideas

Perler Bead Pattern Instructions:

  1. Gather your perler beads and get started!
  2. Slide the printable patterns underneath the transparent pegboard and start placing your beads on the pegboard according to the pattern.


perler bead ideas

Perler Bead Pattern: Disgust


perler bead ideas

3. Follow the directions on the perler bead package to iron.


Disgust Perler Bead Template

Perler Bead Pattern: Disgust


Perler Bead Pattern for Fear from Inside Out

Perler Bead Pattern: Fear


perler bead pattern


Fear Perler Bead Pattern

Perler Bead Pattern: Fear


perler bead pattern

Perler Bead Pattern: Sadness



Joy (this is my least favorite of all of our creations as she kind of looks like a clown…but we did the best we could)  :)



Perler Bead Pattern: Anger


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Have you seen Inside Out? What were your thoughts?



Awesome Inside Out Perler Bead Patterns




  1. We saw Inside Out with our little one when it got out and loved it. However, now we have a tiny one and we had to go through the entire Inside Out ordeal one more time. This came in SOOO handy.

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