Jelly Bean Guessing Game


Do you have a million jelly beans and Easter eggs from yesterday? Here’s a simple and educational way to use both! This game is great for cognitive development…your child will have to listen to the sound each egg makes and then “guess” how many are inside.

Here’s what you’ll need:  jelly beans (or other small candy/cereal), easter eggs, and a few pieces of scrap paper that you can write numbers on.

1. Fill 2 Easter Eggs with a different number of jelly bean and write the corresponding number for each on a slip of paper. Don’t choose numbers that are close in order (6 and 8, for example) as your child will have a hard time differentiating the sound of the jelly beans to make an accurate guess.

2. Lay out the jelly beans and the slips of paper. Ask your child to shake each one and “guess” how many jelly beans are inside.



3. Check and see if your child is right!


Little Brother got to help count too!


What’s your favorite way to repurpose Easter eggs and/or candy?



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