How to Keep Your Kids’ Beds Looking Neat (Beddy’s Giveaway)

How to Keep Your Kids Beds Looking Neat

Is getting your child to make his/her bed in the morning like pulling teeth? Or perhaps once it’s made, do you find yourself thinking it looked better unmade?  Well, do I have a solution for you (spoiler alert:  it’s Beddy’s)!!!


Our boys currently share a bedroom. We have an extra bedroom that could allow them both to have their own rooms, but they enjoy sharing. My only frustration with their bedroom is that it always looks like a disaster.


We have two (bunk-able) twin beds in their room. We have arranged the room in an assortment of different ways. The beds were bunked for a while. I really liked the extra room the bunk beds provided, but we missed getting to cuddle up with them at night. We currently have both twin beds, scooted side-by-side so that the boys can lay close to each other but still have their own beds. This is what their room used to look like on a good day. Normally, there is a vast assortment of what can only be described as junk all over their floor.




And this is what their beds used to look like on the rare occasion that they actually make them (like they are asked to every. single. morning.). You have to pick your battles, ya know?

IMG_4128I wouldn’t consider myself the least bit O.C.D., but it takes everything in me not to remake the bed myself, sans THE GIANT WRINKLES IN THE QUILT.


On one heavenly afternoon in late November/early December, I randomly divinely stumbled upon the Beddy’s Instagram account. I was immediately intrigued. A zip-up comforter that would make making beds easier? Ummm, yes.  Sign me up, or rather…sign my boys up. :)  


Naturally, I e-mailed Beddy’s and told them I HAD TO TRY THEIR AMAZING PRODUCT! And Betsy from Beddy’s was so very kind and mailed me two Nautical Navy sets that very afternoon!




It’s been over a month now since our Beddy’s arrived and I am in love! Everything you need for your child’s bed is included in the set, including matching shams! You don’t need sheets because the Beddy’s system is all-in-one. It fits over the mattress just like a fitted sheet!




The bottom of the Beddy’s is like a sheet and the top part is made using minky fabric. Our boys love how soft it is! There are zippers on both sides, so it feels more like a comforter than a sleeping bag. The double zippers also make it easy to use on bunk beds, trundles, and day beds. The minky even has flaps on each side so that your child won’t feel the zippers while he/she is sleeping.




Beddy’s is also super easy to wash. Just take it off the bed and throw it in the washing machine (on gentle). Put in the dryer (on low) and then unzip to air-dry for a couple additional hours.




I love that I was able to buy a classic-looking Beddy’s set and still use our beloved Pottery Barn Madras quilts (that we’ve had for several years) at the foot of the bed. There are lots of adorable options for girls (the ruffled ones are my favorite)!




And the best thing? THE BOYS CAN EASILY MAKE THEIR BEDS (AND IT LOOKS NICE) EVERY SINGLE MORNING! They think it is fun to zip up their beds!




Overall, if you are looking for an awesome solution to bunk beds or a simpler way for your child to make his/her own bed every morning, BEDDY’S IS FOR YOU!



Interested in trying out Beddy’s? Get $40 off using the code “BEDDYS40”!


Beddy’s has also graciously offered to give away TWO $75 gift cards! Just fill out the info below!

To enter, just leave your e-mail address in the Rafflecopter window below (not in the comments, please). This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (apologies to my international readers). The giveaway will end at 11:59 pm on Thursday, January 15th (EST). TWO winners will be randomly selected shortly after and notified by e-mail. By entering, you are agreeing to these official rules. a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure:  I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I like the arrangement of your boys’ room! I might have to move my boys’ beds for a similar set up. They always want to snuggle in one bed at night but I know if I let them they would get zero sleep! That might be a good compromise :)

    1. We have had the beds arranged in every possible way you could imagine: bunked, side-by-side with the nightstand in the middle, etc. This is the arrangement that is currently working for us. :)

  2. This is a brilliant idea! I just ordered the chevron ruffled one for my daughter’s loft bed (she’s 7). Thanks so much for the coupon code! I will be ordering two more this summer when our boys get their bunk beds :-)

  3. I would love to win the coupon for my daughter who wants these Beddies for her three girls (my granddaughters) desperately! Thank you for the opportunity.

  4. This is genius! I must have! Haha, I’m so busy getting the household together and ready every morning (cat, dog, kids, school stuff, COFFEE) that it’s really difficult to double-check their rooms. This will make life so much easier – on everyone! And, I find that once they feel that accomplishment of doing it themselves, they stick to it. Super excited, so glad I bumped into your site today (going through and organizing bookmarks lol)!

    1. Hi Rachel, you should be able to enter your name and e-mail address into the Rafflecopter window at the bottom of the post. It might not be viewable if you are on mobile.

  5. These beds are so beautiful and easy to use for our kids, but if the room is small, should use bunk bed. Thanks for your share

    1. Yes, we had our boys beds bunked for a while, but we missed getting to lay by them when we tucked them in at night, so we have them side-by-side for now. :)

  6. Kids’ rooms can be a mess at times. The naughty little devil in the house can run wild in the room making a mockery of the room’s cleanliness. However, being a parent, it’s your responsibility to make him/her understand the value of a clean room. There’s another way of handling the situation and that’s excellently highlighted in this blog post by Jenae. The hacks showcased here really go a long way in keeping your little one’s room clean.

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