Keyboard Learning

This is one of those activities that I really didn’t think I should put on the blog, but since it is an activity Big Brother loves to do…I thought I would go ahead and share it.

When Big Brother wakes up from his nap, he groggily comes downstairs and can almost always find me in the “computer room” (aka office since we don’t have a laptop). He loves to sit on my lap while I hurry to finish up whatever I was doing. He then begs me to let him spell his name on the keyboard.

So…I pull up a blank Word document and let him have at it. As I was watching him “hunt and peck” it suddently hit me that is actually a pretty good learning activity…

(1) He has to differentiate between all of the keys on the keyboard (with minimal help from me) to find the 1 letter on the keyboard.

(2) It’s a great capital and lowercase learning tool because it automatically creates a lowercase letter (without the CAPS LOCK on, of course) from a key with a capital letter.

Yes, my keyboard is disgustingly dusty…

Plus, he loves spelling his name, then Little Brother’s name (with help) and now wants to know the letters in our names as well. In all honestly, I think he loves feeling “big” best of all!


  1. I'm glad you shared this on the blog today. This is has been a favorite activity for my five-year-old for several years!

  2. My kids liked typing at an early age too! I'm adding this blog to my blog list on Beginning Reading Help.

  3. My kids love to play with the clipart, but it is easier to do in Excel or Publisher so that you don't have wrap text problems. For my younger I type in cars or trucks, he clicks and drags them and makes a picture to print out. My older one can type in his own words. They love to print and hang their creations! You can also find clipart of letters, so you could let them spell their name that way too. Or they might enjoy the WordArt to spell their names.

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