Laced Felt Stocking :: Perfect Gift Card Holder

Big Brother helped me add a personalized touch to the gift cards we’ll be giving this Christmas by making (and lacing) these felt stockings. Threading and lacing are excellent for developing fine motor control!

Here’s what you’ll need:  Felt, Glittered Fuzzy sticks (aka pipe cleaners) and pom-poms (sent to me free by, Hole punch, and a hot glue gun. 

1. Use a template to cut out your stockings from felt. I just printed a clipart picture of a stocking, but it wasn’t big enough to hold a gift card, so I just enlarged it slightly by cutting around it.

Keep in mind, you’ll need two identical pieces to make one felt stocking.


2. Use a hole punch to punch holes in one of your stockings. My hole punch worked relatively well, even through felt, but I did have to use scissors to cut the last little bit of the circle out.

3. Lay your hole-punched stocking on top of the other stocking. Use a marker to make a small mark for every hole.

4. Use the hole punch where you marked the second stocking.

5. Twist the ends of 2-3 fuzzy sticks (aka pipe cleaners) together, depending on the size of your stocking. I originally used 3, but quickly learned we only needed 2.

6. Slide the fuzzy sticks all the way through the very first hole on the stocking. Secure the end by twisting it around the edge.

7. Give the stocking to your child and let him/her get busy threading the pipe cleaners through the holes!



8. Embellish! I just cut out some letters for “Joy” and “Love” from white felt and then we glued them on. Take note, however, that Elmer’s glue does not work on felt…

You’ll have to break out the glue gun!

We used the Ultimate Fuzzy Kit from Craft Project Ideas to add some pom-poms as well.

Big Brother chose the location for all the pom-poms, I added a dab of hot glue and he carefully placed them on top.

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