Learning Walk

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most meaningful…

The weather has been much nicer lately, which means it is cool enough in the mornings to actually go for walks! I just started pointing out numbers and shapes on our walks and Big Brother is hooked!

Making knowledge meaningful in real-life situations is really one of our biggest goals as parents. What better way to do this than while getting a little exercise for ourselves. I know I certainly need it! :)

Mailboxes make for great practice on number recognition!
My two little loves…bed head and all!

And, of course, we had to stop by the park for a little gross motor fun:

What simple and meaningful ways do you encourage letter, shape, and number recognition?


  1. My son has loved this lately, too! I'll ask him to find a W if I know we're driving by Wal-Mart or the Waffle House. Or ask him to find a 3 when we're driving by a 35 mph sign. It's fun to watch him realize that numbers and letters are everywhere.

    Hopefully we can start walking again with the cooler weather!

  2. We are doing a letter of the week "curriculum" and when we go for a walk we always do a scavenger hunt looking for the letter on license plates.

  3. I know this is totally unrelated, but we have the same double buggy. lol. Twin Aria Plus right? Great pram! :-) Loving your blog. Just came across it this week and I have a 3yr old (same name as your biggest boy), 2 yr old and a 5 mth old. Loving the inspiration from this blog.

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