10 Cool Lego Gifts For Boys

Lego gift ideas for kids


LEGO Gift Ideas

My boys (8 and 7) are LEGO-obsessed. They love putting together LEGO sets and they love creating their own “worlds” using LEGO. I love that they are building, having fun together, and not playing video games. :)

The LEGO boxed sets can get rather expensive (and can limit creativity with LEGO) so I thought I might share some suggestions for other awesome LEGO gift ideas.

1. LEGO Gift For Boys

Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have by Sarah Dees


We love this LEGO book! It includes a great blend of projects with step-by-step instructions along with other open-ended LEGO play ideas intended to inspire individual creativity. The photos in the book are gorgeous and I personally enjoy flipping through to look at all the pictures.


2. Cool LEGO Gift

LEGO Creative Brick Box

lego gift ideas

This LEGO box goes hand-in-hand with the Awesome LEGO Creations book above and is an excellent set for encouraging creative LEGO building.

3. Unique LEGO Gift


How to Build Your Own LEGO Table

Once you have the LEGO bricks and LEGO creation ideas to start, you then need a place to store and build! This LEGO table is perfect for encouraging your little builders and the step-by-step tutorial for how to build it makes it an easy project to complete.

4. LEGO Themed Gift

 LEGO Stationery 

LEGO Stationery

LEGO Pencils, LEGO Ruler, LEGO Markers, LEGO Colored Pencils

We just ordered these LEGO presents for my boys to put in their Christmas stockings. The writing utensils each have a way for LEGOs to be attached and the ruler can be built using LEGO bricks!


5. Useful LEGO Gift

 Roll-Up Baseplate

Silicone LEGO Baseplate

Although not an official LEGO brand product, this silicone baseplate is awesome! It can be rolled up for travel and folded to make more interesting structures.

6. Cool LEGO Gift

LEGO Head Lamp


This LEGO Head Lamp is just the cutest LEGO gift idea… great for reading in the dark, camping, or sleepovers!

7. Fun LEGO Gift

Sticker Your Bricks


These reusable stickers are super fun for adding to your LEGO creations to jazz them up a bit!

8. Unique LEGO Gift

LEGO Eating Utensils

lego-utensilsYour little LEGO lover will enjoy using these brick-shaped utensils at meal times!


9. LEGO Minifigures

Disney LEGO Minifigures


These are the cutest LEGO Minifigures yet! Each package comes with 1 random minifigure… unfortunately you can’t choose the one you want ahead of time. We got lucky and got the Mickey minifigure at the Legoland store about a month ago and it is our current favorite!

10. Travel LEGO Gift

LEGO Travel Case


Both of my boys received LEGO travel cases very similar to these last year for Christmas. Theirs have a drawer that you pull out but it doesn’t have the divided compartments like this one. I couldn’t find the ones they have, so I thought I would share this as another option.


What is your favorite LEGO Gift Idea?


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