A Lesson Learned: The book that has changed my way of thinking

You know you’ve read a good book when, months after you’ve finished reading it, you still think about it almost every day. That’s how I feel about Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This book has challenged me in ways that I can’t even describe.

The chapter that has challenged me the most is called “Profile of the Lukewarm”. In this chapter, Francis Chan challenges the typical description of lukewarm and asks some really difficult questions. Questions that I am still wrestling with. Are we really giving God the best of us? Or are we just giving him the leftovers? The leftovers are “offerings” from a lukewarm person, whom Jesus himself says he will spit out of his mouth (Rev. 3:16).

I’ve never considered myself a “lukewarm” person before. After all, I do the stuff I’m supposed to do. I go to church. I pray. I read my Bible (though I’ve had a hard time getting back into the Word after finishing 2 very in-depth Bible studies this spring). I act like a Christian, don’t I?

But is my heart in the right place? Am I completely in love with Jesus? With God? Is my relationship with Him my utmost priority?

These are questions I can’t seem to get out of my head. Perhaps I have lukewarm tendencies after all…which obviously need immediate attention. I remember finishing this chapter and getting really depressed. It was like a slap in the face. But to be completely sold out to God is a scary thing. It’s 100% commitment. It’s being willing to walk the hard road. It’s putting your relationship with God ahead of everything else in your life…even your husband and children.

I’m still struggling with this journey, but the one thing I do know is that I don’t want to be lukewarm. Getting there will require lots of prayer and quite honestly, a change of heart.

PS- This isn’t a sponsored book review. This book has just really challenged both my husband and me and I wanted to share it!

In fact, I loved it so much…I want to give one away. Leave a comment about why you’d like to read this  book as well as your e-mail address. I’ll choose one winner on Wednesday. There’s only one stipulation…you have to promise me that you will read the whole thing! (winner already chosen)


  1. Promise I will read the whole book:) I would love to read it. I have struggled with my faith since my father committed suicide. I am hoping this can bring me a new perspective. Thank you so much!
    growinggodlygirlz at gmail dot com is my email addy.

  2. A friend of mine from church was bragging about how great this book was & how everyone should read it.

    chamsmama at gmail dot com

  3. I find it almost laughable that I just had read chapter 6 from Crazy Love this week for bible study and now your post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ~ I too was/am wrestling with the idea of being lukewarm. I love Jesus more than anything, but do I really put him before anything or anyone in my life? I find myself craving and really thirsting for quiet time ~ something that is rare as a mommy of 3 and a full time teacher;) I know that this post was for me, to urge me to reread and take some time today for Him ~ thanks for letting him work through you! I have the book, so please do not enter me ~ just wanted you to know that your words are appreciated!!

  4. I promise promise promise you I will read this book, the whole thing! I am already feeling challenged after reading this post, I am needing something like this, I feel like God has been pricking my heart here lately wanting more of me. My email address is [email protected]

  5. I have heard some really good things about this book, and would love to be able to read it.

    johnson383 at gmail dot com

  6. This book landed on our list of books to read together this year that my husband and I created. Currently we are like 75th or something in line for it at the library…ugh! :) I PROMISE we would read the whole thing (my husband was blown away by "Forgotten God" & the desire to read "Crazy Love" is a big passion of his….what a great Father's Day Treat :) rachelc0816 at gmail

  7. I have heard good things about this book and I promise I would read the whole thing!

    mommyschu at yahoo dot com

  8. I have this book and only read two or three chapters of it. It was given by our couples bible study group and never finish it because we moved to a different church. I will go and start reading it again.thanks for posting this and reminding me to read it .

  9. I'd love the chance to read this book! I'm afraid that I've become lukewarm over the last couple years and I hate it.

  10. I have had this book on my list for quite awhile. I would definitely read the whole thing. Just what I need to get me focused this summer.

  11. In the process of reading it now, and it is life changing! I am reading the "lukewarm" chapter now and find my self struggling with the same things you are. I will be praying for both of our lukewarm moments:) that God will truly reveal Himself to us!

  12. I would read the whole book and then share it with my family! I enjoy and benefit from organized Bible studies but sometimes get lazy on my own between studies. I need this!
    [email protected]

  13. I think being a christian all my life makes it really easy to become "luke warm". God's love is just something I always know will be there and take it for granted! Thanks for letting us know about this book! C:

  14. I have been struggling with living faithfully for a while now. I work in an early childhood setting that is faith based and we are on a mission to do more christ-like teachings and I sure could use an inspirational to read to kick start my teachings and my living!
    [email protected]

  15. I would love to win this book and promise to read the entire thing. :) Our small group just read Radical and it was also a book I am still chewing on. Would I truly be able to give up EVERYTHING for Christ or do I expect my life to be comfortable? What am I doing to live out the gospel (discipling, helping/loving poor, etc.)? Crazy Love sounds like it would continue along those same challenges. Thank you for being willing to share a copy with one of your readers.

  16. This looks like a great book. I am trying very hard to do devotions everyday and this book would be a great one to read! Thank for the giveaway… If I don't win I am going to find a way to read it… Andrea, [email protected]

  17. Thanks for the review – I'm always looking for things and ways to put my focus more where it should be. Would love a chance to read it. megan_elise_(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

  18. This seems is be the new buzz book! I keep hearing about it, but have not read it yet. Your thoughts on being lukewarm stepped a little on my toes – in a good way! I struggle with the heart way more that the works/deeds. Sounds like this book is just what I need!
    :) Kim

  19. Thank you for posting this review. I have seen this book and read the back many times but have never actually picked it up. Your review hit me right in the gut…Lukewarmness is where I am, unfortunately. I had a baby 8 months ago and definitely don't have God ahead of everything else in my life. It sounds like this book might have just the push I need to get myself back close to God! Thank you again for sharing! My email is [email protected] :)

  20. Would love to read it because i feel like I've been drafting apart from God since my daughter has been born, yet He is still so faithful. I would love to feel as close to Him as I did before.

  21. Would love to read this book. Feeling a bit like a lukewarm Christian myself these days and really struggling with finding a good balance in my life. Starting a new bible study this Wednesday that I am very excited about though! I promise I will read the whole thing!

  22. I would love to read this book! I need something to bring back my fire. We just started a new mom's group at church and I'd love to review it before suggesting the group delve into it.

  23. I have many friends who have read this book, but haven't gotten around to reading it for myself. I'd LOVE to read it!

  24. I've heard lots of great things about this book. Although, honestly, I am a bit scared to read it, due to forced introspection about my own perceived 'faith.' But, I know God doesn't want us to ever be complacent in our lives.


  25. I think I'll go buy it even if I don't win. There are some books that we really don't want to read because they get us out of our comfort zone. They challenge us in the worst ways. I find myself in places that I need a kick start, a wakening from. I hope this will do the trick. Thank you.

    [email protected]

  26. I've felt for awhile that I am lukewarm, and I don't like it – but I can't seem to get out of it. I need something to help shake me up and wake me up, and this book might be just the thing!

    jeni (at) allenfamily (dot) us

  27. It sounds really interesting, and like the type of book that would really hit the spot for me, as I have been struggling with feeling a lack of connection with God lately. I would definitely read it cover to cover! :-)

  28. This book changed my walk with Christ completely. If Christ could be completely sold out for me, then I want to be for Him! The only way that I have found to be completely sold out for Him is asking Him for more love for Him! Sounds crazy I know, but it is Crazy Love, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts!

  29. Thank you so much for wanting to share this book and your faith with others! You have created such a whimsical, yet truth-filled, place that both touches and inspires:) Your love for God makes me want to love Him more, and also to instill that love in my children. I would love to have the chance to win a copy of this book so I can continue to grow and mature as a christian, and also so I can share it with my loved ones. And yes, I am an avid reader, so will read it cover to cover (and maybe even a second, or a third time…lol!) Blessings! [email protected]

  30. Since my twins were born 7 months ago, I've felt in my heart that I want to love more. Not just love my family, but everyone. I struggle with anger sometimes- don't even know where it comes from. I know that when I just give myself and expect nothing, I have joy. I want that all the time. I want to know God more, then I can love more. I will definitely read the entire book. Thank you! [email protected]

  31. It was pretty remarkable getting the e-mail about this book. The past couple days I have been feeling like I'm kinda lost lately in my faith. I am definitely Lukewarm lately and I dont like it at all! I promise to read this book in it's entirety and pass it along to others so they too can get the benefit of it.

    [email protected]

  32. I've been more and more convicted by the message of this book, but have not read it. I think I'm ready to hear the message in it's entirety. And I promise to read it all. [email protected]

  33. I have not read it, have heard about it, but would love to. Have been feeling a lot lately that there is more so much more to this life, what I need to be doing for His purpose. Just texted my daughter of how foolish we are to focus on our dreams and desires when His love is enough and we need to focus on His path for us! [email protected]

  34. I keep hearing about this book, I guess it must be time to read it, though I am a bit scared to read it.

  35. I was just looking for my next summer read. This book looks very inspiring. If I win, I promise to read the whole thing!

  36. I think I have always been lukewarm. It would do me good to read this book.

    fmstill@gmail (dot) com

  37. I have been wanting to read this book for a while now. I couldn't locate it in the church library. Would love to read it AND I PROMISE to read all of it!! :) And after I do… I'll lend it to others to read, so that it is not "used" once. Thank you for the opp.
    [email protected]

  38. I've seen this book in our church bookstore, but honestly never knew what it was about. I just want to read it because I am intrigued by a book that someone feels so passionately about to publically endorse (like you did!) :) My e-mail address is [email protected]. Thank you!

  39. I just finished reading this book and am practically begging others I know to read it so I can have someone to discuss it with. I think though it has been a blessing to push me towards praying more earnestly about how God wants to transform my life, to not be lukewarm, to be obsessed. I'm just really grappling with how that looks in my life, where and what are the things I need to get rid of, sacrifice, or go after? It's really hard to think about how to make your life radically more about Him and not look like the rest of the world.

  40. I would love to read this. I can relate in that when taking stock of my faith I wonder what 100% really looks like. Even if I dont win the book, thanks for the post as a reminder to re-evaluate my lukewarm tendencies and a challenge to be sold out to HIM! [email protected]

  41. As I was reading the post, I was actually thinking to myself, I should really read this book. Then I got to the part about you giving one away, how perfect that would be! Thanks!
    mebelle2 (at) aol (dot) com

  42. It's so true and something I aske myself almost daily. I go to church, I pray, I can't seem to read the Bible like I should; but I teach Sunday School, and work with the teens and agreed to be church clerk this coming year. I'm giving myself, but am I really or am I just half way giving? It's a constant battle and one I truly feel I need to win. The book sounds great.

    [email protected]

  43. I continually find myself wanting to be more like Christ. There are times when I feel that I am totally "in-tune' and then other times when I feel so distant. This sounds like an amazing book!!

  44. I was planning on buying this book anyway because I think my husband and I would get a lot out of it. I've been praying for my heart to be more "on fire" for Jesus and this might be an answer to that! Thanks!

    [email protected]

  45. This book has been on my wishlist for quite sometime
    I REALLY want this book. I love to read so finishing it won't be
    a problem. :) I know this book will challenge me in my walk with
    Christ. I need to be challenged to live completely
    and utterly in Jesus. So many times I turn to Him last
    when I should be coming to Him first.

  46. I do not want to be lukewarm, but with so many things going on these days, it's hard to make time to build my Christian relationship and walk with God. I promise I will read this book if I win! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!
    [email protected]

  47. I'd love to read this! My husband and I were raised Christians bit have gone very lukewarm/cold over the past years. I've started reading a devotional from proverbs and trying to rediscover my first love. I think this would bless us so much. Thanks for the giveaway.
    [email protected]

  48. It's perfect timing for me, I just finished another book on Gods attributes and learning about his love has been a big theme in my quiet time the last few weeks. I'm needing my next read, and I would love it to be this one. [email protected]

  49. I am needing some encouragement in my walk with the Lord. We are in the process of switching churches, and I just started homeschooling my kids. By your review this sounds to be just the book to pick me up and stand me straight again!
    And I promise to read the ENTIRE book. :)
    [email protected]

  50. I have heard a very powerful sermon of Francis Chan's once. It was about suffering. I knew I wanted to read this book after hearing him speak.


  51. starrlight97(at)hotmail(dot)com

    I just started following you on Facebook, and am loving what I see! I'd love to see what got you there, and get motivated myself. Thanks for sharing!

  52. Ok, Google gave me an error, so I'm trying again. I hope I'm not double posting. Anyway, I just started following you on Facebook, and I'm really loving what you share! I'd love to read the book that motivated you to get there, and maybe get motivated myself, too! Thanks for sharing!

  53. I'd love to read this book… I just had my 4th baby and lukewarm seems to be a good word to describe how I'm feeling in my walk with the Lord. Not a word I WANT to describe me!!! I could use a new challenge such as this and would promise to read the entire book! :) Email is [email protected]

  54. katiesullivan87(at)hotmail(dot)com

    I was just looking at this book on Amazon yesterday. I want to read it because a dear friend of mine read it and loved it and it has obviously been changed by reading it. She has recently had some very tragic, hurtful things happen in her marriage yet she is loving her husband unconditionally and with much grace to God's glory. Some people think she is crazy but I think she just understands the crazy love of God towards her and has learned to love that way too. Watching her walk through this trial makes me want to read this book so I will probably order it even I don't win.

  55. I am just reading this book and feel exactly the same way! Have been “playing” church it seems. I never would have considered myself to be a lukewarm Christian but after reading chapter 4, it seems as though I am! This book and God have really brought about a change in perspective for me. I am glad to see that there are others out there who feel the same.

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