Lickety Stickety Valentines

Lick and Stick Valentine Stickers (made with Jello)

Want to do something a little different for Valentines this year? How about making these lick-and-stick stickers with your child to give to all their friends! After all, every child loves stickers…especially ones that they can lick first. :)

I used the idea we originally used to make penguin lick-and-stick stickers to make this special Valentines treat!

Here’s what you’ll need:  Jello (any flavor), clip-art hearts printed on cardstock, boiling water, and a paintbrush or basting brush.

1. Print the clip-art onto cardstock. You can download the clip-art sheets I created (using Microsoft Word) here. 
2. Boil the water. Obviously, this is a step you should not let your little one help with.
3. Mix 2 Tablespoons boiled water with 1Tablespoon Jello.
4. After cooling for a minute or two, let your little one paint the mixture on the back of each clip-art page.
5. Let dry for a few hours.
6. Once dry, cut out individual stickers.
7. (optional) Put a dozen stickers in the center of 1/4 sheet of tissue paper. Wrap up and tie with a ribbon to give to friends, classmates, and neighbors.
Just be sure to tell your little Valentines that they’ll need to lick the stickers first to make them adhere!
What creative ideas do you have for Valentines???


  1. Great idea! I was just going through old Valentines Day cards and wondering how to repurpose them — now I know! :)

  2. Tina,

    That's strange…we've made a couple batches and all of them have stuck (in fact, a little too well…I keep finding them stuck on things around our house).

    I'm sorry they didn't stick for you! I'm not sure why.

  3. Maybe the kids too agressively licked! LOL I still had some sugar crystals, they did not dissolve completely. Could that be it?

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