Making Letters in Cranberry Sauce

Making Letters in Cranberry Sauce


Are you a fan of cranberry sauce with your Thanksgiving meal? I’m not…but that doesn’t mean we can’t put this seasonal favorite to good use.

Lots of people have tried making letters in shaving cream, but have you tried making letters in cranberry sauce? This Thanksgiving spin on a well-known activity was met with some hesitation from Little Brother. But he eventually came around and enjoyed running his hands through the jellied cranberry sauce.


Here’s what you’ll need:  cans of cranberry sauce and a flat, shallow dish. You only need 1 can of cranberry sauce if you’re using a 9 x 13 dish.





 1. Mix up your cranberry sauce to break it apart from its formed/jellied state. I just threw it in my Kitchen Aid for several seconds.




2. Pour the sauce into a flat, shallow dish. Little Brother was hesitant at first…




…but soon jumped in with both feet hands.








Form letters in the alphabet. I had to help Little Brother by holding his hand while we made the letters. You could also write each letter on a piece of paper and let your child copy the letter in the cranberry sauce.






What is your child’s favorite sensory material???

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