Mess-Free Pumpkin Play for Babies

Mess-free Pumpkin Play for Babies


Little Sister has become quite curious over the last few months. Combined with the fact that she is now mobile,  life has gotten much busier! She loves exploring different textures (and ultimately putting them in her mouth). I thought she would enjoy feeling the pumpkin “innards” but I really didn’t want her eating it. After the boys and I carved their pumpkins yesterday, we put all of the pumpkin guts into a gallon-sized baggie for Little Sister to play with. :)

We laid the bag flat and then taped it on a window for a vertical light-table effect. I was inspired by Toddler Approved‘s Simple Toddler Play series on Instagram for this activity!














Of course, the bag inevitably ended up in her mouth as well. :)





Little Brother wanted in on the fun too! And just in case you were wondering, the term “mess free” no longer applies once your 4-year old is involved. ;)  Shortly after this picture, the bag broke open after he tried to stomp on it (go figure) and pumpkin guts ended up on the floor!







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  1. What a great idea! Can’t wait to try it. I love ideas for getting our baby involved in what his big brothers are doing. I love that they get to feel the seeds without worrying about choking or mess. :)

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