Baby Obstacle Course for your Crawler!

First published July 2010. Updated 2019.

There is something freeing to a baby when he starts crawling… he can finally get where he wants to go! To make crawling a little more fun (and to increase gross motor development and balance) why not make a baby obstacle course for your little mover!

All you need is a soft surface (like carpet), some pillows, and a blanket or two! Oh, and a toy you move around for motivation is also a good idea. In our case, that happened to be a rubber ducky from the bath.

Baby Obstacle Course

1. Arrange your pillows into a “pillow hill” and create a tunnel with your blanket.

baby obstacle course
baby obstacle course

2. Let your little one get started! Entice him by putting a favorite baby toy on the other side of the pillow hill or through the tunnel.

Trekking towards the pillow mountain…
crawling around baby obstacle course
Over the mountain!
baby obstacle course
Rounding the corner in hot pursuit of the ducky…
baby obstacle course
And down comes the tunnel!
baby obstacle course

Who needs fancy toys anyway???


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  1. My FOUR year old loves games like this. Her obstacles are a bit more challenging, but not much. Anything to get her moving and keep her occupied!

  2. Thanks for such an amazing course. I’ve posted several articles on Indoors for Kids – DIY Obstacle Courses to Get Babies & Toddlers Moving. And some tips were taken from your story. I also like the games for kids – let’s get moving – teaching kids to move and crawl.
    Randy Bonnette – author of Preschool education book

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