Olympic Rings Cap Sorting

Olympic Rings Cap Sorting



I have a problem with hoarding plastic caps, mainly those from milk jugs or squeezable yogurt or fruit. As you can see from this activity, I have a TON of caps in a myriad of colors….two gallon-size bags worth, to be exact. I keep them because they make wonderful manipulatives, they are colorful, and they are FREE! I pulled them out for this Olympic Rings Cap Sorting activity and it was a big hit with Little Sister (currently 2.5 years)!


We used our cardboard Olympic Rings from our Olympic Rings Ball Toss activity. You can find the step-by-step directions for the rings here. Both of these activities are excellent sorting activities that encourage color recognition. The Ball Toss focuses more on gross motor (tossing the balls) and this activity fine motor.


Here’s what you’ll need:

10″ cardboard cake boards (or you can use paper plates, they just aren’t as sturdy)

Xacto Knife and Mat


Circle stencil (I used a salad plate)

Paint (I used spray paint)

Hot Glue Gun


Plastic Caps from Bottles or Squeezable Fruit Packets


Bottle Caps



Olympic Rings Cap Sorting

After you’ve made your Olympic Rings, just plop them down on a surface and let your little one get started sorting bottle caps!


Olympic Rings Cap Sorting

It might be helpful to remove the colors of bottle caps that aren’t represented by the rings.


Olympic Rings Cap Sorting




Olympic Rings Cap Sorting



Olympic Rings Cap Sorting



Olympic Rings Cap Sorting



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