Outdoor Alphabet Track

Outdoor Alphabet Track


It is finally feeling like spring around here so we decided to have some fun outside! This activity was so simple and both boys enjoyed it far longer than I expected. It was especially great for my little “mover and shaker”, who sincerely appreciated the pairing of gross motor learning along with letter recognition! :)



All you need is sidewalk chalk!





Make a path by writing the letters of the alphabet on your driveway. Please excuse the cherry blossom petals also on the ground…my husband already tried to take credit for scattering flower petals for me this morning. :)




Little Brother rode his tricycle on the path and we sang the ABC song together as he rode over each letter.










After that, we sang it again while walking over each letter!





The end of the alphabet led to a giant pot of mulch…perfect for rambunctious boys to climb. :)



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  1. We’re looking at houses right now, and most of them don’t have a sidewalk.. But I can so see using those giant foam letter pads and doing a hopscotch with those kinda like this. :D I know my girls would *so* love it (they looooove jumping). :D Thanks for the idea!!

  2. Awesome idea! I may try it with numbers, too. PS- your boys are getting so big! It’s been fun to see them grow. My boy is just a few months younger than “Little Brother.”

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