Paint Chip Mosaic Earth

Paint Chip Mosaic Earth


Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd. Last year we created this Earth Day project and this year we decided to try something a little more abstract–a Paint Chip Mosaic Earth. I had a few of these paint chip cards leftover from a recent painting project, but we did end up getting a few more blue paint chips to add specifically for this project.


Here’s what you’ll need:  Paint chips (mostly blues, some greens, and a few browns), scissors, and contact paper.




1. Cut the paint name off each of your paint chip cards.




 2. Then cut the remaining into small squares (about 1/2 inch wide).




3. Lay out a sheet of contact paper (sticky side up).




 4. Draw a circle on the contact paper and then let your little one(s) get started adding the paint chip squares.









This started out as a collaborative effort, but Big Brother quickly got frustrated that Little Brother wasn’t “doing it right”, so he gave up. Perhaps we need more collaborative projects in our future so they can learn to work together. :)









5. Once your child is pleased with his/her work, cut another piece of contact paper and place it on the top (sticky side down) to sandwich the mosaic between the plastic.




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