Paint with Tops

Painting with Tops


A few weeks ago we made homemade spinning tops (which the boys are still having a blast with). We found yet another way to have fun utilizing them:  paint with tops!! Besides being a fun art project, this activity is also great fine motor practice as your child learns to spin a top.


We chose to do this activity outside, just in case the paint was to fly. And I would definitely recommend it…especially if you have little ones who love to get LOTS of paint on the top.


Here’s what you’ll need:  tops (add to the fun and make your own with our tutorial), washable paint, paper, and a tray (we used the top of a shallow box).


IMG_9195       Kids painting with tops

Just dip the marble (on the bottom of the top) into the paint and then spin on a piece of white paper! We had three different tops with three different colors.






 A top in motion!




This was the result! I love how unique this art project is!

 What unconventional material have you and your kids painted with recently?

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