Penguin Puppets

Aren’t these little penguin puppets cute? Big Brother has been having a ton of fun playing with them! I found this fun idea for making penguin puppets from empty toilet paper rolls from Preschool Express.

Here’s what you’ll need:  toilet paper roll, black paint, construction paper, and googly eyes.

1. Let your little one carefully paint the toilet paper rolls black.

2. Let them dry for a few hours.

3. Cut out some ovals from white paper.

4. Put glue on the backside of the ovals…

…and place them on the painted TP roll.

5. Add googly eyes and orange triangles cut out of construction paper.

6. We then added a few bow ties…just for fun! Big Brother named them after he and Little Brother.

Have fun acting out some arctic fun with these penguin puppets!


  1. Hi.Whenever my little three and four year olds are painting a toilet roll for a craft, I attach a clothes peg to the roll and the children hold this while they are painting. I just move the peg when they are nearly finished so that they can paint there. It keeps little hands and fingers a bit cleaner, especially when working with a large group of children.

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