People, Places, Things Farm Sort

Big Brother has been sick for the last three days, so we have been stuck in the house (again). I decided we needed an easy brain-stimulating activity (and a few minutes with the television turned off), so I came up with this little sorting game.

I printed off several pictures from our trip to the Dairy Farm, as well as a few extra pictures to have enough for each category.

1. Cut your pictures out.

2. Label three bowls “People, Places, and Things.”

4. Give your child the pictures and let them start sorting. If you have a young preschooler, you’ll need to assist at first.

Big Brother LOVED this “game” and wanted to do it over and over again!


  1. This is a really fun/easy activity! My 3-year-old son is having a great time. We just used pictures from magazines rather than printing them off. Thanks!

  2. My 3yo loves any activity that shows things he knows and loves in person, using photo albums and such. This would be such a neat way to take that and make it a learning activity! Thanks!

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