Peter Rabbit Paper Plate Pop Up Garden

Peter Rabbit Paper Plate Pop-Up Garden

Happy March! This month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids is Beatrix Potter’s classic The Tale of Peter Rabbit.


The Tale of Peter Rabbit


We had so much fun reading this book! Little Brother was especially intrigued with Peter Rabbit…maybe because he would have done the same thing getting into Mr. McGregor’s garden! Ha!


We wanted to explore some of the vegetables in Mr. McGregor’s garden. We talked about how some vegetables we eat grow above-ground while others grow underground. The root vegetables that we included in our Peter Rabbit Paper Plate Pop-Up Garden were carrots, radishes, and potatoes. The above-ground vegetables we included were cabbage and tomatoes (although tomatoes aren’t actually mentioned in the book). You can include any vegetables you choose!


We decided to use watercolors to create our garden, which is what Beatrix Potter used to illustrate this book!


Here’s what you’ll need:

2 paper plates

Xacto knife and cutting mat

Watercolors (we love these)




1. Turn the paper plate upside down and use a pencil to free-hand draw Peter Rabbit and several vegetables.



2. Use the Xacto knife to trace around the edges of your pictures, making sure to leave a wide area at the bottom uncut to act as the pop-up tab.


Peter Rabbit Paper Plate Pop-Up Garden

3. Let your little one use watercolors to paint the garden!


Peter Rabbit Paper Plate Pop-Up Garden




4. On your second paper plate, trace the cut-out parts of the first plate and then draw the corresponding vegetable. We left the cabbage and tomato plants with only soil since the vegetables we eat from those plants are above-ground. The carrots, radishes, and potatoes are all painted, as you can see above.


Peter Rabbit Paper Plate Pop-Up Garden



Peter Rabbit Paper Plate Pop-Up Garden

5. Let your child peek under each vegetable to see if the edible part grows above-ground or underground!


Peter Rabbit Paper Plate Pop-Up Garden



Peter Rabbit Paper Plate Pop-Up Garden



Peter Rabbit Paper Plate Pop Up Garden



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