PowerCapes: Product Review and Giveaway

Superheroes are a fundamental part of childhood. Every child dreams of being a superhero at one time or another. PowerCapes is a company that creates custom personalized capes, cuffs, masks, tutus and more for the special little superhero in your life.

We received our custom cape and matching mask last week and I was really impressed with the quality of the cape. It is made out of a shiny, silky material with heavy-duty velcro around the neck. The edges and emblem are surged, ensuring it will hold up after many uses. The entire cape is completely customizable…you choose the size, color, emblem shape, emblem color, letter, etc.

My one and only complaint is that the mask didn’t hold up as well as I hoped…the elastic keeps slipping out of the attachment on the mask. It’s a simple fix, though!

Big Brother and his trusty sidekick Sage
So…would you like to win a custom personalized sidekick-size cape and matching mask for the special superhero in your life??? Just leave a comment with your child’s favorite superhero and your e-mail address (which will be deleted after the giveaway is closed)! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, April 8 at 10am and will be announced on our Facebook page, so make sure you “like” us if you haven’t already.

*For an extra entry, follow PowerCapes on Facebook or Twitter and then leave another comment!

You can also receive 10% off your order at PowerCapes by using the promo code “ICANTEACH”. Good luck!


  1. does Thomas the Tank Engine count as a SuperHero? I don't think that my three-year old son knows anything beyond that! :)
    mjlundquist at gmail dot com

  2. Right now my son likes Wolverine, Spiderman, and Iron Man. Though he often just calls himself, "super" and flies around the house.

  3. My son and daughter both love the "superheroes" on Super Why! I love the show too. (lgrottis at hotmail dot com)

  4. I guess I would have to say Spiderman is my son's favorite superhero. Thanks for the chance to win!

    jbkb23 at comcast dot net

  5. Sophie says her favorite superhero is SuperGirl or WordGirl (I think from a PBS show? I'm confused.) Anyway, she knows who she's talking about. Would love to see her running around our house in a pink cape! She was actually just being a superhero with her apron turned backwards. I had to give her lots of missions to do. :) (nsboccia at yahoo dot com)

  6. oh my gosh, yes! My sons both love Superman, although I'm fairly certain little brother only likes it because big brother likes it lol of course :)

    randi_lynn137 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  7. Our guy isn't big enough to have a favorite yet, but his dad (at 31) is still a huge Marvel Comics fan, so needless to say, the boy has lots of Spiderman things already! I would love to have a cape all ready for him when he hits that stage! It won't be long! And since dad loves superheroes, all three of our girls do too!
    jenn dot mrsdjm at gmail dot com

  8. This is so funny that this got put back on here…cuz I saw it on last year and was bummed I didn't enter. My son LOVES superheros. Right now he likes Captain America, Thor, and Superman! We are having a Superhero birthday party in June!
    [email protected]

  9. I don't know if it counts as a superhero, but my son and daughter are both really into Tinkerbell, and my son keeps asking me to dress him up like the boy fairy, Terence. Does he count as a Superhero? He does make sure all the fairies have their pixie dust so that they can fly! My daughter's favourite would be Ariel, the LIttle Mermaid, if that counts as a superhero too?! lol. [email protected]

  10. My son's favorite superhero is : himself..he doesnt really talk about any specific super hero..he swoops around the house saying "Super Owen to the rescue!"…"Do you need help Mommy? Let Super Owen help you!" He's definately MY super hero!
    cwazy_ambie at yahoo dot com

  11. Name a superhero and my son is a fan! Right now, he seems to be into Batman but a few weeks ago, it was Ironman :o)

  12. My son's favorite superhero is Bible Man…..it's a pretty cheesy show we get from the library, but he LOVES it and is actually learning some good biblical lessons from it. :)
    cheled77 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  13. My two boys constantly run around pretending to be Batman and Robin, my youngest usually does not leave the house without an homemade cape. Would love to see them in REAL capes! bethoumyvision345 at yahoo dot com

  14. We don't allow our son to watch tv, so he doesn't have a favorite super hero yet. But, if he's anything like his dad (who loves comics, movies, etc.) it's only a matter of time. Would love to have one for him when he reaches that stage!


  15. My son has a book called "SuperHero ABC." He likes the letter Z superhero named Zinger. (But, if he had his own cape, I'm sure he'd want the letter on the back to be the first letter of his name, not a Z!)
    pvilletoygirl @ g m a i l dot com

  16. My daughter has just started going on and on about super heroes! She was 3 in December. I've been thinking about getting her a cape to wear.

  17. Batman for sure is my little guy's favorite super hero! He has been asking for a cape for several weeks now .

  18. I'm so honored, but right now my 3-year-old daughter says I am her favorite super hero. I got this quote recently: I successfully get bee out of the house. My daughter's response: "Thanks for saving me Mama. You're a good super hero!"

    I love being her mom! :)

    ~Leigh Ann
    [email protected]

  19. Interestingly, my oldest son's favorite superhero right now is Larry Boy from Veggie Tales. :)


  20. My son is only 3 so he doesn't know much about the superheros, but he does love Thomas the Train A LOT!!! He also loves to put a blanket around his shoulders and run around the house and act like he is flying. He would love this cape and mask!
    [email protected]

  21. We aren't in to super-heroes at our house yet (if I won, the cape would go to my godson), so if Bob the Builder counts, I'd say him! =)

    susanheindel at hotmail dot com

  22. My son is 4 and he loves when Larry the Cucumber turns into "Larry-Boy" from Veggie Tales! We love watching Veggie Tales, and I know Braeden would love to dress up like his new favorite super hero!

  23. My son is 4 and he loves when Larry the Cucumber turns into "Larry-Boy" from Veggie Tales! We love watching Veggie Tales, and I know Braeden would love to dress up like his new favorite super hero!

    [email protected]

  24. My twins favorite super heroes are themselves! They created "Super J" and "Super R." They have all kinds of adventures from rescuing a princess from a dragon to flying all over Texas helping people to playing sports. :)

  25. Lindsey's favorite is Super Grover! We tuck dish towels in the back of our shirts and fly around the house with them ….a "real cape" would be great! ;)
    n584mc at hotmail dot com

  26. Spiderman…my husband is a big comic book fan our son's middle name "Parker" after "Peter Parker" which is Spiderman's 'real' name.

    lc_junk at yahoo dot com

    Thank you!

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