Printable Easter Coupons for Kids

Printable Easter Coupons for Kids


Easter Coupons For Kids

I am always looking for meaningful non-candy gifts to give to my kids for Easter. Last year, we focused on Christ-centered Easter baskets with a devotional book, a worship CD, and some other odds and ends. We will probably do something similar this year as well but my husband and I are trying (albeit at times unsuccessfully) to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle. These Printable Easter Coupons for Kids are the perfect addition to our kids’ minimalist Easter baskets this year!


I made a Valentine’s Day Coupon Book for our boys a few years ago that we give them each year and they LOVE them! In fact, they still have a few of their coupons from Valentine’s Day left (hello delayed gratification!). :)

Printable Easter Coupons for Kids

Here are the Easter coupons included in the printable:

  • Family Movie Night
  • 10 Minutes of Extra Snuggles Before Bed
  • Family Pizza Night
  • Ice Cream on the Town
  • Late Bedtime
  • 30 Minutes of Extra Screen Time
  • Soda at Dinner
  • Date with Daddy
  • Date with Mommy
  • A Blank Coupon for you to fill out


Printable Easter Coupons for Kids

How To Access Your Easter Coupons

Just print out the coupons and then cut them out (I always use my handy-dandy paper trimmer to make it quick). I cut all of the cards out individually except the vertical line between the cover and the back. I folded this card in half to make a book. Then I just stapled the other cards in the center.


Oh, and I included a QR code on the back so that you can always find the coupons to print more in years to come! :)


Click on the link to download your free Easter coupons for kids!

Easter Coupons Printable

Printable Easter Coupons for Kids


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  1. I cannot wait to give these to our boys for Easter. The coupons are gorgeous. Thank you so very much for offering this thoughtful gift.

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