Puffy Pumpkin Lacing

This fun Puffy Pumpkin Lacing combines a fun fall craft with a little fine motor practice! We had lots of fun with this activity today–even Little Brother painted his own bag! That was all he wanted to do…but Big Brother was more than willing to finish his project for him. :)

Here’s what you’ll need:  a brown paper bag (we used a paper lunch sack), orange tempera paint, a paintbrush, hole punch, glue stick, cotton balls or polyester filling, orange yarn, and a piece of tape. If your child wants to embellish his/her pumpkin, you might also want some pom-poms (which we received compliments of CraftProjectIdeas.com) and googly eyes.


 1. Let your child paint one side of the paper bag. Let dry.


2. Turn it over and  paint the other side. Let dry.


3. Cut the sack into a circle.


4. Put a little bit of cotton or polyester batting in the center. Add some glue to the edges and fold.



5. Use the hole punch around the outside edges of the pumpkin.



6. Cut a long piece of orange yarn and add a piece of tape to one end to make it easier to lace.




7. Give your child the pumpkin and let him/her get started lacing it!







 Now let your child add embellishments, if he/she chooses.


The final product…a festive (and happy) pumpkin! :)




  1. I just did this with my 3 yr. old son and he loved it. We used green yarn and it looked like vines. Super fun and will use it for fun decoration! Thanks.

  2. Love this! I have been looking at some blog posts where kids were actually SEWING felt or fabric pumpkins together, but that looked too advanced for my kids. This lacing activity, however, would be PERFECT! Thanks for sharing.

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