Puffy Snowflakes

I’m sure much of the country is sick and tired of SNOW…but we haven’t had any so far, so we decided to make our own snowflakes.

When I was teaching first grade, we would make these snowflaks every winter and hang them from the ceiling in my classroom. They were so festive and so much fun to make!

In addition to making some very cute ornaments and gift tags, I knew this would be a great sensory activity for Big Brother!

Here’s what you’ll need:  shaving cream, a bottle of glue, glitter, and snowflakes printed on cardstock (or glue onto cardboard) and then cut out. Here is a template I found…you can resize it as necessary.

1. Put the shaving cream and glue together in a bowl . I don’t have an exact recipe, but I typically do about half and half glue and shaving cream.

2. Let your little one mix up the concoction.
3. “Smear” the mixture onto the already-cut snowflakes. *NOTE:  We attempted to cut out the snowflakes AFTER putting the shaving cream mixture on. This DID NOT work, so we started over the next day. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture the second time around.*

Big Brother is starting to enjoy new textures…at least for a minute or two. :)

4. Sprinkle glitter on top. It was very hard for me to part with the glitter…letting Big Brother GLOB it all over the place. Then I reminded myself that this is HIS craft, not mine. :)

Let the snowflakes dry overnight. You might even have to turn them upside down (after the tops are fully dry) to let the bottom of the paper dry out as well, otherwise they have a tendency to tear.


  1. These are precious little ornaments. Just perfect for children! And, I love multi-sensory activities for little ones! I Think this will be my January Craft! Thanks.

  2. I think Little Moo will love doing this activity so I've just printed off a few different templates and will put them in the craft cupboard until our next available opportunity.

  3. How much fun. I have to boys, one is 3 and the other is 15 months and this is something Im sure they will enjoy. My oldest is on the Autism Spectrum so any sensory activity is great for him. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  4. I absolutely love this idea and have never seen it before! Thanks for sharing. I do believe we will be doing this in January for an art project and hanging beautiful snowflakes in our room!

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